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9 thoughts on “ Are We Gods ”

  1. Someone stated that we are all gods (with a little “g”). So we have the power to do what we want, get health and prosperity, and so forth. He used Genesis (that we were all created in His image) and this passage Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, 'I said, you are gods'?
  2. May 22,  · I frequently see comments on social media claiming, “We are all God’s children.” Generally, people intend this sentiment to mean that God has the same relationship with every human equally. The implication is that God relates to each person directly as heavenly Father.
  3. We postulate that these areas, under certain conditions, may be involved in the genesis of various mystical states, the sense of the divine, and the subjective experience of God." 5 Meaning seems to be more toyed with than revealed here as language slips and slides.
  4. Oct 14,  · We are children of the world whose father is either God, who’s about righteousness and love or satan, who’s about evil and hatred. God is in control of all things, he knows what he’s doing. Everyone should want peace in their lives but most live to destroy, steal, and kill because satan is their father and that’s what he teaches.
  5. Jun 04,  · In John , Jesus tells that Pharisees that it is written in the Law that "you are gods". He is quoting from Psalm where it says, "I said you are gods.
  6. Jan 02,  · We become God’s children when we are saved because we are adopted into God’s family through our relationship with Jesus Christ (Galatians ; Ephesians ). This can be clearly seen in verses like Romans “ because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.
  7. Don't put limits on wisdom or knowledge nor should we limit the simple teachings of the Savior. We, including Jesus, are all spirit children of God the Farther. He is our brother of whom, given the agency to choose, is now reveling in His Devine inheritance! We all are capable by birth right to inherit Kingdom's beyond our comprehension.
  8. God governs the world. There is a righteous God to whom we may go, and on whom we may depend. This also has respect to the kingdom of the Messiah. Considering the state of affairs in the world, we have need to pray that the Lord Jesus would speedily rule over all nations, in truth, righteousness, and peace.
  9. Humans are neither omniscient, omnipresent, or omnipotent — they aren’t anything like the one true God. In addition, God is self-existent and eternal, whereas man is not. When the Lord says, "You are gods," it means that God made man (Adam) in His own image.

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